Sugar Free November, Running and Crossfit. Oh my!


Whether it is learning a new skill, trying a new workout, or giving myself a challenge of some sort (here, here and here), I love getting outside the “box”. I’m all about challenging myself, but I’ll admit that recently I’ve fallen into a pattern of complacency. Blame the colder weather, a packed schedule, or the premiere of a bunch of shows on Bravo (I’m looking at you, Vanderpump Rules) but I have been more inclined to just crash than to do anything productive.

Well, that is changing. I’ve given myself 3 challenges for the next month. The first challenge is to go sugar free for November. My friend, Katie, came up with this challenge and so far so good. The challenge is definitely making me pay more attention to what I’m consuming. I now realize the reason I dumped spoonfuls of sugar and creamer into my work coffee was because it is horrible. Now I make my own before heading to the office. Full disclosure, I am giving myself 3 cheat days (my birthday is this month, after all), but so far I’m not missing sugar.

The second challenge is to train for another 5K and shave at least 3 minutes off my time from my last race. I’m being smarter about my running routine than I was last year. I’m incorporating stretching and weight training into my running routine to prevent injury and it seems to be working so far. My race is December 6.

Now for challenge number 3 … I’m starting a month of Crossfit. I’ll be honest, I’ve been hesitant and maybe a bit judgmental about Crossfit. Last night I took my first of two fundamentals classes, and I realize that I could not have been more wrong. I went to the South Charlotte Crossfit location and it was such a cool and welcoming environment. I’ll take my last fundamentals class tomorrow and then after that I have a month unlimited pass to the gym. I already learned some new things last night about myself and about proper technique. I also realized that I have a love/hate relationship with squats.

Last night was another reminder to not judge something based on assumptions or the usually biased opinions of others. You’ve got to learn and figure it all out on your own. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I learn this month.



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