My experience in fundraising …

I am a firm believer in getting out of my comfort zone (do I even have one anymore?) and being selected as a 2014 STANDOUT Charlotte honoree by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has definitely challenged me.

I have always been involved in either volunteering with or personally donating to various causes and nonprofits close to my heart, but I have never truly been a fundraiser for a cause. As a requirement of being an honoree, one of my tasks has been to fund raise for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Currently, there is not a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF) and that is why fundraising for research is so vital.

I’m not the type of person to “ask” others for anything, no matter how much I need help. This process has taught me not only to ask, but to allow myself to be surprised by the actions of others. I have seen so much good throughout this process, that I know there was a reason God gave me this challenge. I truly believe God wanted me to learn that people want to help, they just need to be asked, and that sometimes people will surprise and not disappoint you if given the chance.

As I’ve gone through this process and learned about CF and the Foundation, my heart has truly been touched. I have always been a defender of the underdog (you can ask my parents), and in the scheme of fundraising for diseases, that’s CF, the underdog. Since there is such a small percentage of people living with the disease, it’s not as well known, and thus not a “mainstream” cause to support. Those involved with the Foundation have to fight for every dollar earned.

I’ve made asks and I even dressed up as Super Girl to raise awareness. I’m all about the fight and it’s a great feeling to know that I may be able to make a small difference for such a worthy cause.   If you are interested in donating to help fund future research for CF, please consider donating to my campaign here 

And here I am as Super Girl (and yes, that is a flaming bra behind me on the wall) …



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