Weekend Recap and New Music

This weekend was full of friends, food and fun. Basically it was awesome and now I’m exhausted (give me all the coffee).  Music always gets me through Mondays, especially ones that are dark and rainy like today.  I’ve recently discovered a group out of Brooklyn called Wet. Seriously, get to know them now. I’m currently listening to “Move Me” and it is getting me through the morning.

Friday kicked off the weekend with an event at Discovery Place called Science on the Rocks. This will be a monthly event that occurs after normal business hours so that adults can explore the museum’s exhibits, drink and not have to elbow small children out of the way to see things. There were touch tanks to get an up-close encounter with some sea creatures, a liquid nitrogen demonstration involving wine (yep) and all the exhibits currently featured at the museum. I especially enjoyed the Frog exhibit. After the event, some friends and I went to Dandelion Market for awesome bites and then out in Uptown before coming home to pass out after a long week. I can’t hang on Friday nights anymore.

photo 2 (2)

Saturday night, my group of culinary adventurous friends, the Epic Eaters, participated in  Charlotte Restaurant Week the Queen’s Feast. We went to Fahrenheit and the food did not disappoint. Although our service was not amazing, the food, restaurant and view were fantastic. I think I used sex analogies to properly answer questions such as “How is your first course?” and “Tell me about the pork tenderloin?”  After dinner, we headed to the summer party to end all summer parties. It was so legit that it had it’s own hashtag (#summerparty3). There were not one, but two bands playing at this house party and later a DJ appeared with a turntable in the living room. What? It was insane and so much fun.

photo 3 (3) 10526010_10101567501937290_9083715657643828040_n

photo 4To round out the weekend that wouldn’t quit, I had the honor of going to my friend Caitlin’s place for an amazing brunch. She is not only an incredible person, but also a gifted chef. Those lucky enough to be there had some amazing food and drinks. I was so full and happy after I left her place that I promptly came home and took a nap. It was the perfect end to a fantastic weekend.

photo 5 photo 3


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