Music Monday: Phoenix

This weekend reminded me of one of the many reasons why I live in Charlotte … the weather! After suffering through consecutive cold days, not to mention rain and sleet, the clouds finally parted and the Lord smiled down on the Queen City. I will admit that after living here for so many years I am now a weather wimp. I have my “I walked to school in XX inches of snow” stories, so I should be able handle temps in the 40’s. Wrong. Since I don’t know if another Polar Vortex is heading our way, I tried to enjoy the weather as much as possible this weekend.

I am absolutely dragging butt today (I’m looking at you Daylight Savings) and am in desperate need of an IV with a coffee drip.  Since a coffee drip is not possible, or safe, I’ll just use music to get me through the day. Today is a Phoenix type of day. Enjoy!


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