Run. Rest. Repeat.

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I’ve been asked how my experiment with running is going, so I thought I would give an update. I’ve learned that (surprise!) I actually like running. It clears my head, gets me outside (photos above were taken on my latest run) and the physical changes I’ve seen in a short amount of time have been a pleasant surprise.

With that said, I’ve also learned that you have to just be when you run.  If I have too much on my mind, I will lose myself in thought and will not have a great run. It is very much a mental sport and I love that aspect of running. I have a problem with ‘over’ doing things. Thinking, scheduling activities and saying ‘yes’ to things. You name it and I will probably over do it.

Then there are the moments I don’t over do anything and I just let myself be. Those tend to be the moments I’m the most successful. A few weekends ago, I had an amazing run. I didn’t realize it but between the weather, the great music I was listening to and just the overall zen mood I was in, I ran 3.5 miles. I just happened to look at my distance/time and realized that I surpassed my goal of 3.1 miles. It was such an awesome feeling, especially since my run a few days prior had been half-assed because I was in my head and not in the moment.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned from this journey is that the saying “Run. Rest. Repeat” is real and not just a catchy saying or t-shirt. I’m a novice and my body is still getting used to the whole concept of running. Baby steps, but wow the feeling is amazing when you reach or exceed a goal, even by accident. Don’t over do it, but don’t sell yourself short.

One of my new challenges is getting used to the falling temperatures and the wind. It has been more challenging than I expected, but it’s another sign that there is always a hurdle to overcome and conquer. Patience, practice and perseverance.

My 5K race is on November 16 and I’m feeling really good about reaching my goal of running the entire race. I’m not concerned with my time at this point, but maybe that will be an another challenge for myself.

Since it is Monday, and I usually post something music related, I thought I would share one of the songs that helps me zone out and be when I run. Here is “Royals” by Lorde. Enjoy!


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