Music Monday: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Well, its been a while since I’ve written a post (my bad).  I blame the whole “life happens” motto for my lack of posts. Life lately has been pretty good and last week I hit a really awesome milestone.  Its been one year since I started living on my own.

I absolutely love living by myself (well, with Smitty too of course), but it has definitely been a journey to come to this point. I went from living with my parents, to living with college roommates, to living with my now ex-husband and finally to living with my dear friend who took in this stray after my separation.  I was 31 when I started living by myself. I still remember that first night sleeping in my one bedroom condo. My mattress was on the floor because I didn’t have a bed frame yet. Smitty hadn’t moved in, I didn’t have a TV and I didn’t have internet. It was just me in a quiet apartment. In that moment, I felt completely naked and alone. I gave myself a moment to wallow, but just a moment.

The feeling of being exposed and alone didn’t last long as Smitty came home that next day and my internet was hooked up a week later. Although I did sleep with my mattress on the floor for the next 3.5 months, it didn’t matter. The place quickly became mine … my furniture, my design concept, and most importantly, my little space in the world. One year later and I love my little space in the world more and more each day.

For this Music Monday post, I was really trying to think of an artist that could capture my feeling of independence, and well, of being a bad ass. Only one came to mind, and that is Grace Potter.  Grace Potter & the Nocturnals is one of my favorite bands. I love the music, the lyrics and Grace is insane as a lead singer. She is a power house, but she’s not afraid of singing a softer song every now and then.  I hope you enjoy her acoustic version of “Stars” as much as I do.


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