Music Monday: Lana Del Rey

One of my passions in life is music. I love all genres of music and have always loved how a song, lyric or melody can convey so much emotion and meaning. I thought I would share some of my current favorites on this blog in a new series I am calling Music Mondays. I have yet to see the new adaptation of the Great Gatsby, but I am in love with the soundtrack. So many great artists and songs in one album. One of my favorites is a haunting song by the incredibly talented Lana Del Rey. I hope you enjoy the gorgeous singing and the haunting melody of this song as much as I have recently.

I’m always interested in discovering new songs or artists, so I would love any recommendations.


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One Response to Music Monday: Lana Del Rey

  1. Bonnie Nickerson says:

    Good Afternoon Erin – missed you over the weekend, but you’re lucky enough to have grandmom for a few days later in the month. Have you ever heard any of Eva Cassidy’s CD’s. She is great.
    Have a great time on vacation. Love to all.

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