Know Your Sh!t …

dear past

The process/journey of getting a divorce is very eye-opening, to say the least. It is an emotionally, mentally and physically draining process, but it is also full of self discovery and new challenges.

Don’t get me wrong, divorce absolutely sucks, but I try to find the positive in everything, which brings me to my March challenge.  My challenge for the month of March is to take full responsibility for my financial well-being, or as I like to bluntly refer to it, to know my shit.

This year marked the first time I did my own taxes.  When I was younger and just starting out, my father helped me with my taxes and then after marriage, my husband took care of all of that. Now it’s up to me to take care of everything. Doing taxes for the first time was an interesting experience. I needed to know everything about my financial life for 2012 and the person that helped me asked me some questions that I had never even considered.

I am more prepared now for next year, but the experience triggered something in me. I need to be more aware of my financial well-being. This month, it is my goal to better understand my 401k, to start keeping track of files for 2013 taxes, to make sure that my tax forms are filled out correctly (I am single now) and to know exactly what I am spending my money on.  I may even create a budget, but, to be realistic, that probably won’t happen.

This year is all about living intentionally. I am sure many married people fall into the trap of “oh, he/she will take care of ______.” I know I did, but now I realize that we all have to be responsible for our well-being, whether it is physically, mentally or financially.  My divorce process has been about learning lessons and this is a big one.

So here is to another month of living intentionally, and to becoming a more financially knowledgeable person.


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One Response to Know Your Sh!t …

  1. During the meeting today. I was thinking, Jennifer you need to get it together. Be smarter. And I spoke with the bankers afterward so I can get my shi*t together.

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