February Challenge: Shop Your Closet …

As I mentioned previously, I did not make any resolutions for 2013, but instead I decided to do a challenge each month.  Last month, I participated in Eat in Month.  I had a few cheat days for birthdays and family visits, but I was really proud of myself for eating in most of the days.  During that time I rediscovered my love of cooking and I have continued to experiment with recipes after the challenge ended.

This month, my challenge is to not shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. I’m not an aggressive shopper by any means, but after spending money over the holidays on gifts for others (and myself), I thought this would be a good way for my bank account to recover. My challenge this month is to “shop my closet”.

Shopping my closet has been an interesting experience. I’ve rediscovered once favorite items that haven’t been worn in a while and I’ve realized I have a sizable scarf collection. The process has made me more creative with my styling options. There was a time when I would see something online or at the store and order it or purchase it. Now I don’t have that luxury, so I have to use what I already have to keep things fresh and interesting.

Of course now that I am on a shopping freeze I keep seeing items that I want to buy. I guess it goes back to you want what you can’t have. My Style board on Pinterest is full of items I would love to add to my closet. I’m not saying that I am going to go spend crazy at the end of this month, but there are some pieces that I think would be great additions to my closet.

As I count down the days to the end of the challenge, here are a few things that may be coming home with me once the self-imposed spending freeze is over.

jacketLove this Madewell blazer

jcrew skirt

Great take on houndstooth by J. Crew

stripe dress

A versatile dress


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