Holiday in a small space …

pretty holiday

I love this time of year.  The first day of winter is today and Christmas is just around the corner.  I love that it is a season of giving to others and reflecting on what is important.  I also love the color and the decor of the season.  In my previous home, I decorated the tree, put holiday lights/garland down the stair railing and decorated the fireplace mantle with holiday cards received from friends and family.

Now that I am in a smaller space, I don’t have mantle space to display my cards.  I went back and forth on how to display them in a way that would be pretty, but that would look like clutter.  After a few failed ideas, I settled on using the cards (with the help of magnets) to decorate the air vent that is prominently displayed on one of my walls.  Now I can display my cards in a way that is more wall art than cluttered chaos.

After seeing the results of dressing up the vent, I’m thinking of making it a permanent bulletin board of sorts.  A way to keep cards, announcements, invitations and post cards displayed without taking up precious counter space.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday season.

cards before

Starting to fill up with cards from friends and family


Great way to add color to a boring wall



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