Without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet …

It has been awhile since my last blog post and that is because my life has been pretty crazy, to say the least, for the past month. No easy way to say this, so I’ll just rip off the band-aid. After being married for over seven years, my husband and I have separated.

I went back and forth with whether or not I wanted to put this information out on my blog. Do I keep the blog “fluffy and easygoing”, or do I tell the truth which sometimes can be painful?

I remembered a quote I heard from the movie Vanilla Sky that put things into perspective. Jason Lee’s character in the movie said “without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet.”  A true statement that helped me make up my mind about sharing this tough situation.

It has been a pretty tough few weeks to say the least, but I can honestly say that this is for the best. Nothing traumatic happened and I don’t hate him.  Basically, we met when we were 18 and we grew apart over the course of a 12 year relationship. I’m glad that we realized now that we want completely different things out of life before any more time had passed.

In the state of North Carolina you have to be separated for a year before you can divorce, and that is where we are heading. I know the next year will have bumps along the way, but I’m also going into this year trying to be positive. As my Dad would say “this too shall pass” and “it is what it is”. I can either let this break me, or I can let this experience help me become a better person.

I choose not to break …


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