A few of my favorite things …

I love discovering new things. Whether it is a restaurant, nail color or a piece of art, I have always loved finding things that inspire me. Here are a few of my current favorite finds.

NARS Multi-Use (for cheeks, eyes and lips) in G-Spot. Fun name, but one of the best colors I’ve come across in a long time.

I love all things about the ocean, but particularly all things involving mermaids.  I don’t mean Disney’s The Little Mermaid, just mermaids in general (I was convinced I was going to become one when I was little).  While looking at mermaid prints on Etsy, I stumbled upon the Paper Nut. These prints would be perfect in a nursery.

A DIY art project that I would love to try that I found on Pinterest and immediately pinned.  Would love to keep the gold spots, but maybe paint the canvas a fun color first … or I may leave it white since I love it so much as is.

My other current favorite, and it has been so for a while now, is all the food at the Vintner Wine Market, but particularly the Grilled Cheese with Beer Braised Short Ribs sandwich. Holy God, it is good.  I tried to take a picture of it the last time I had it, but I ate it before I remembered to snap a picture.  Trust me, it’s amazing!!

Have a lovely day!


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writer | traveler | lover of food, music, and a good drink
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