Tears may have been shed …

As I previously mentioned, the thought of getting rid of items with emotional significance was a concern I had when I first began this project.  During the past two days, I thought it was time to rip off the band-aid.

Some of the items included the shirt I was wearing when my now-husband proposed to me (and spilled red wine on me), bridesmaids dresses and one of the last gifts my Granddaddy Marcus gave me before he passed away (a black velour chauffeur hat – hey it was the 1990s).

I was able to sort through these various keepsakes and I kept the things that were important to me and was finally able to donate items that were significant, but not needed.  I realized I didn’t need the shirt with the red wine stain any more as a reminder of my engagement; I have my husband for that.   The bridesmaids dresses will find new life as prom dresses or special event dresses for other women/girls.

Although a few tears were shed, I had a sense of relief that some of my treasured items may find their way into the homes of others that will create great memories in one of my favorites.

The hat my grandfather gave me is now on display on a shelf in my closet with other keepsakes. Something that I should mention is that before I began this process, I had a plethora of sorority t-shirts.  I apparently got a shirt for every event we ever had and still I had a hard time donating them.   My sorority t-shirts and old college shirts will get new life as a soft t-shirt quilt from my very talented sister-in-law.

Through this process, I have realized that it is not the things that justify whether or not something was a significant moment, but the feelings.  The feelings will always be there even if the clothes go out of style.  And if velour chauffeur hats come back into style any time soon, I’m one step ahead of the trend.

Bags 10 and 11


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