I think I have a problem …

Day 3 of my challenge saw me return to the room of junk (the guest room) where I promptly filled another bag with clothes that I no longer wear.  This bag will be donated to a local charity in the coming days.  Today, as I looked at my third bag, I realized that I may have a problem.

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder per se.  I am in no way like some of the people showcased on reality TV shows and documentaries, but I do admit to having an emotional tie to some of my possessions, particularly my clothes.  I do not keep everything I have every purchased or been given, but I do keep things that have special meaning.  I have a hard time donating things that have meaning behind them, even if I don’t wear them anymore.  For the first time ever, and in print, I admit that I am an emotional keeper.

Luckily, the items I have ready for donation were not that important to me, but I wonder what my reaction will be as I get further into this process.  Sooner or later I’m going to have to make decisions about the items with real sentimental significance.

Three bags down and 27 bags to go.

Bag #3


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2 Responses to I think I have a problem …

  1. Hatch says:

    I can relate to that……..good luck with the next few bags.

  2. Renelle Maddrey says:

    Hmmm, you’re talking my language. I guess I should start filling bags too : )

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