The Christmas Mouse …

Well, day two of my 30 day challenge has gone well. This time I started going through my room of junk, also known as the guest bedroom. How junky is this room, you ask?  Let’s just say I will be in there for a few more bags in the coming days.

Yesterday’s bag ended up in the trash can, but today’s bag will be donated to a local charity.  Such gems in this bag include a red velour track suit (my J.Lo phase), sweaters, shoes and a dear friend that I was slightly hesitant to part with.   The Christmas Mouse has been with me since 1988.  He is a cute friend, but I think it is time for him to find a new home.

I was seriously debating if I would have enough stuff to complete this challenge, but after going in that room, I think I’m gonna be okay. Two bags down, twenty-eight bags to go!

The Christmas Mouse

Bag #2


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2 Responses to The Christmas Mouse …

  1. harga laptop says:

    your Christmas Mouse is cute, i like it. anyway, you are kind to donate your bag to local charity…

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