Don’t Call it a Comeback . . .

Well, we have officially said goodbye to summer and hello to fall.   Although the afternoon temperatures in Charlotte still feel like summer, I love that the mornings have been chilly and fall-ish.  I love this time of year.  As I pack my summer clothes up until next year, I thought I would share a fun story from the summer.  A story that proves, on some things at least, I have good taste 🙂

In June, I went on vacation with my family to Sandbridge, a quiet beach outside of the more touristy and sometimes hectic Virginia Beach.  We rented a beach house (hope that our house survived Hurricane Irene) and for one week, 7 adults were entertained by my 3-year-old niece.

After spending a week with my niece, although her energy was exhausting at times, I honestly had the best time.  I can also say that, in my humble opinion, she is the most hysterical and well-behaved toddler in the world.  It amazed me how easily she could persuade grown adults to act like total idiots.  Besides the endless laughs and adventures, she also triggered a flood of childhood memories for me.

What amazed me most was that some of my favorite movies when I was her age and a little older are now her favorites.  The Last Unicorn, Labyrinth and Robin Hood (the Disney animated movie) were on her must list.  I hadn’t watched those movies in years, so I wasn’t sure if they would stand the test of time, which some do not (ahem . . . Tron).  I found myself, like my niece, singing the songs and being concerned for the characters during the various action sequences.  During this fun and eye-opening week I realized that what was once popular; whether it is toys or movies, no matter how many years have passed, will most likely come back into style again.

I’m not sure why I was so surprised that things that were once considered “old” are now becoming popular again.  The Karate Kid movie just had a reboot, the re-envisioned Footloose will be out later this fall and Dirty Dancing has been added to the list of upcoming remakes.  My Little Ponies, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake have made a comeback, but I’m waiting for Cabbage Patch Kids (I’m not sure they ever really left), Garbage Pail Kids and Rainbow Brite to come back on the scene.

It was great for me to see my niece’s fascination with my once-favorites and I began to think about how I must have acted when I was her age.  I couldn’t help but laugh once I realized how I must have looked/sounded to my parents and other adults.  I would act out scenes and sing along with my favorite movies and songs.  I would request to watch movies over and over again, each time a new adventure for me, each time a case of déjà vu for my family.   The things we do for the ones, especially the little ones, we love.

At the end of the week, I felt reassured that maybe the things I loved are as cool as I remember.   That even with all the new technology these days, some things can still stand the test of time.   Now the question is what else will make a comeback?

Enjoy these!


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