Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

For the past year or so, I have been growing out my hair with the intention of donating it to charity.  Well, the heat that recently descended on Charlotte and the rest of the South became too much for me to handle.  A few days ago, I decided it was time to chop it and donate it.

I went to my hair stylist, Jacqueline, at T. Reid and Company for the procedure.  Together we picked out a cute cut and then it was time to operate.  Jacqueline asked me if I wanted a tissue in case of tears or a glass of wine if I started to lose my nerve.  I didn’t need either item offered.  I’ve never been that attached to my hair or hairstyle, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me.  After all was said and done, I had approximately 12 inches of hair to donate, and probably left another five inches on the salon floor.  I will be sending my hair to Locks of Love with the hope that my hair will give someone confidence in a time of need.

Here are some before and after photos.  I feel so liberated now 🙂


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One Response to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Lisa Mauk says:

    this is awsome and you still are so pretty no matter the length of the hair Rock it girl

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