Fun with Spray Paint

I love getting things for free.  I mean, who doesn’t.  So, I was thrilled a few months back when my friend Jaimee gave me five beautiful lanterns that she had used at her wedding reception (gorgeous).  The lanterns were white and about two feet tall.  I knew immediately that I wanted to spray paint at least two of them and use them in my living room.   Unfortunately, the lanterns stayed in their box for about two months, until earlier this week when motivation struck.

I went to one of my favorite places, Michaels, to pick up the tools necessary to complete this project.  I picked up a primer (Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Primer in Black) and spray paint for the lanterns (Krylon Brushed Metallic – Oil Rubbed Bronze).   I put the dogs in the backyard (didn’t want them getting high off of paint fumes – they are crazy enough already) and went to work.   I used about two coats of primer and one coat of the spray paint until I was happy with the look of the new and improved lanterns.

I painted two lanterns for my living room redo, and plan to use the three remaining lanterns (still white) in a guest bedroom.  For about $10 dollars, you can’t beat a quick DIY project.


Work in Progress

Maybe one more coat

Finished product . . . and Smitty 🙂

Quick and easy


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One Response to Fun with Spray Paint

  1. Arina says:

    What a great idea! I confess, unless I see something like this, it would never occur to me to make such a quick, easy, and impactful change! 🙂

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