Wine Country

I have been to California numerous times over the years, but other than a quick trip to San Fran, I have primarily stuck to visiting Southern California.  Recently, my husband and I took a trip to California and toured around the Bay Area.  We were essentially nomads for a week.  Seven days at seven different hotels and we put over 1,000 miles on our rental car.   It was tiring at times, but such an amazing experience.  There is so much to tell and share, but one of the stops that stands out in my mind the most was Napa Valley.

My husband and I love wine and we had been dying to go to Napa.  It is safe to say that our time there did not disappoint.  We had amazing food, wine and experiences.  We did the obligatory wine tour (tasty and entertaining), but we went for a different experience our second day.  We took a hot air balloon ride and were able to get an aerial view of the Valley.   I don’t think I could do it justice by describing it, but it was breathtaking.  We ended our adventure with a champagne brunch at the Napa General Store.  I think every major adventure should end with champagne, but hey, that is just me.

We would love to go back to Napa eventually and go to different wineries and restaurants.  Below are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Napa.

Have a lovely day.

Yes, those are bubbles 🙂


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