Hello from the Kitchen Table!

Hello from the lovely kitchen table that is currently serving as my office of sorts.  I do tend to bounce around the house searching for the perfect spot, my husband is currently in our designated office, but for the most part, I do enjoy working from the kitchen table.  Did you catch the part about my husband currently working in our office? Yes, it’s true we both work from home.  It’s a good thing we actually like each other, or it could be a bad situation.

About six months ago, I decided to give up my corporate marketing/event planning job to pursue a dream of becoming a full-time writer.  Since then I have written articles published in my local newspaper, The Charlotte Observer, and have even been interviewed on a local radio station (hello, 91.9 FM) for one of my articles. My decision to leave my job has been a rewarding decision and not one that I have regretted once since the day I turned in my notice.  I don’t recommend this path for everyone, but taking this risk has worked for me.

Although a blog has been a goal of mine since I quit, it is only now that it is coming to fruition.  The purpose of this blog is to hopefully make you laugh, make you think, and maybe to make you appreciate the small things (something I am trying to do).

I hope you are having a lovely day!


About thelovelyday

writer | traveler | lover of food, music, and a good drink
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2 Responses to Hello from the Kitchen Table!

  1. lisa Mauk says:

    it is awsome you followed your deams!

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